Thursday, 9 July 2015

Year 12 / 13 Initial Music Video Research

So find your 'Creative / Ideological / Unique / Interesting videos'  and post them up here or as prezi links.

You must answer these questions also:

1.Why is this video Creative ?

2.What techniques are on display ?

3.How does it differ to other genre videos?

4.How could you use these ideas in your project next year?

5.What do the target audience / youtube community have to say about it ?

Good luck

Monday, 8 June 2015

The preliminary material : How to prepare

Just as a reminder really that the pre-lim material is asking you to get in role as someone who is thinking of creating an idea for a new early evening TV news show called 'News burst' on the TNN channel.

The brief asks for: 

How are you going to appeal to 16-24 year olds with engaging news, that is of award winning quality. That is also the first to break new stories and uses a youthful style approach.

They want your ideas for an opening sequence and social / web media.

So from this your questions will probably be :

Q1: A knowledge based essay question in which you are asked to respond to two or three bullet points (+any other things you can think of in your conclusion) about a question such as...

What makes broadcast news successfull?


How does Broadcast news currently try to appeal to its audience?

You need to focus first on the bullet points and write detailed paragraphs using examples from real news shows.

Use terminology and theory: e.g:
Uses and Gratifications theory, Narrative theory (e.g; todorov and propp), Infotainment, Galtung and Ruges News values, Impartiality and bias, Mise en scene; (to create authority and trust), Representation theory such as institutional gate keeping and stereotyping. Regulation from OFCOM. 

Q2: A pitch where you explain your ideas for the NEWSBURST show.

Its early evening on TNN channel.

You come up with the rest. Make sure you mention, presenters, studio, colour scheme and style. Style of reporting, types of stories. Mode of address, Special effects and graphics, interviews, logo and fonts, music etc.. and justify all your choices with good reference to the target audience.

You will need to explain which 3 stories you picked from the 6 they gave you and why
Use audience research data from your class book to help back up your ideas.

Q3: A storyboard for an opening sequence, that is 30 seconds long

Try and practice this before hand, time yourself doing it in 23 minutes, only use splashes of colour. Make sure you have a good range of shot types, lots of news iconography. Show the main stories and finish in the studio with the anchor.

Q4: The hardest one to predict but it will probably be something about your ideas and how they relate to the brief so it will have some overlap with Q2. It will probably also ask you for your ideas in social media and the web so come up with 5 or 6 really specific and detailed ideas for a range of social media, e,g twitter, instagram, etc

Ok year 11 good luck, you need to be practicing these questions at home and showing me them for feedback, you could even post them here as comments for feedback or leave a link to a photo of your handwritten efforts somehow !

Good luck

Friday, 5 June 2015

Useful blog + video

So to help you revise here is another school revision website to help you. Have a look at the list fo topics on the right hand side of the page and it should help you.

Also we talked about otehr alternatives to TV News and social media and here is a short video clip to help you:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Youth Branding: What do 16-24 year olds want from their news

This article might help:

Try reading it and making notes about what it says the youth buy and like.

How are you going to brand  'News Burst'? Look at the logos below and decide whether it is would engage the youth  or not ?

If we take a look at specific youth brands then this might help also:


Monday, 27 April 2015

Mock Exam feedback: Questions 1-4

So over the last week or so we have been trying to improve our exam technique and erformance by looking at the questions individually and seeing what needs to be done to reach A* standard.

The prezis and resources we used are below